Nest learning thermostat 3rd generation Review

If you are looking for nest learning thermostat review then you visiting the most accurate website. It is a smart thermostat as it works with Amazon Alexa for your voice is the best thermostat you can have. It has many features that no one will ever think about to change it. It is a great energy saver that will make your life comfortable and will let you make your savings on the same time.  People want something new in their life and are rid of their old thermostats. So it’s the best time to have something new and best in your life. You may have tried many thermostats but many people are not satisfied with their thermostats. Some want more effective thermostat or some want new features in it. So you wait is over now you can have the nest learning thermostat that will make your life beautiful. So in this review, you will learn that how this thermostat is the best Ecobee thermostat and how it will change your entire life.

Basic details

In this nest learning thermostat review, first of all, I am going to give you the basic details about this product. As you have been seen that its shape and structure is a change from the other thermostats it is in a circular shape and its style and its colour is of stainless steel. This thermostat is made up of metal. This makes it look much more attractive. Its weight is only one pound and is of small size which makes it look cute. Its dimension is 3.3×1.2×3.3 inches. Its power source is from the battery. Its display style is digital with a sensitive touch. The type of battery which will be used in it is lithium ion. This product will be provided you with a 2-year warranty.


Nest learning thermostat is the best product you can ever have. It works with Amazon Alexa that works as a sensor like if no one is at home it will save your energy and you use it when you are home. After connecting thermostat with Wi-Fi, you can easily control it from anywhere in the world you can change the temperature of your house if you are or if you are not at your home and this is the best thing of this thermostat. You can also control it manually it’s up to you that you want to let it control by itself or by manual. You can also check that how much energy you have used till now.


In nest learning thermostat review more I will tell you is its advantages that you may enjoy in using this product and these are as follows

  • Save energy
  • Easily installed
  • Automatic control
  • Control it from anywhere


Now in nest learning thermostat review, I will tell you about its disadvantages:

  • Only 10hr battery timing
  • Costly

Final Verdict of Nest learning thermostat 3rd generation Review

If you want to save your money and also want a comfortable life then you must go for nest learning thermostat. It is the best thing you can have and make a comfortable life for your family.