Ecobee3 lite thermostat, Wi-Fi Review

In this Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat Wi-Fi review, I will tell you a lot about this product, all its details, features and many other things too. It is the best ecobee3 thermostat you can have in your homes to make your life comfortable and easy. People used many thermostats but most of them are not satisfied with their thermostat and want something new and good in their life. So here is the Ecobee3 lite thermostat for you to make your life easy and comfortable. It is smart thermostats which will help you a lot to make your life relaxed. The only thing you have to do is to just order it and install it at your homes and let it work. I hope you will really enjoy using this product. So let’s start with its physical appearance. Don’t forget to have a look on best ecobee thermostats.


The basic things in Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat Wi-Fi review are its physical appearance, like its colour, size, etc. so I will start with its colour which is black with touch screen and makes it look really very attractive. You will also get a warranty of 3 years which is a fine offer. It has hard wired for reliability for its powering method. Its touch screen is 3.5 inches. It will also save about 23 percent on both your cooling and heating. So that was all the basic details about this product now in Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat Wi-Fi review I will more talk about its features, advantage and disadvantages.


It is the best thermostat it works as both manual and sensor you can also operate it manually according to your desire. Ecobee3 lite thermostat also works with Amazon Alexa for your voice control. With this Amazon Alexa, Ecobee3 lite thermostat will work more effectively and efficiently. It is the best ecobee3 thermostat with which you can save up to 23 percent of energy and it is a great deal of having this much saving per year. Its installation is also very simple if you want to install it on your own then it will take you 45 minutes and you can also get help from the guide and also take help from video by installing it from sense app and this will take your much less time in this installation process. I hope this review on features has fulfilled all your requirements. This is one of the best thermostats on the market.


In this Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat Wi-Fi review now I will tell you about all the advantages you can have after using this product

  • It will provide you energy report that how much you have saved you energy
  • Save energy
  • Easy to use
  • Rely on hard wired


The disadvantages in Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat Wi-Fi review are as follows

  • I do not rely on battery
  • It does not support for whole home accessories

Last verdict of Ecobee3 lite thermostat, Wi-Fi Review

Ecobee3 lite thermostat will bring comfort in your life. It will save your money and provides you comfort. Just install it now and give yourself and your family a happy life.

Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor Review

As for Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat review, you will find out much marvellous stuff about this product. This is not just one of the Best Ecobee Thermostats in quality, but its look is also elegant. There are so many marvellous features added to this devices. And first of those incredible features is the voice command. We all must have heard about Siri in the IOS, Cortana in the Windows and Google assistant. Well, this voice command is not same but works in a similar way like other voice systems. The only difference between this and other voice systems is that it does not respond back, and just follows your order. So this thermostat can set the temperature or timer, and even it will read the news for you. This Best Ecobee Thermostat is the finest example of the modern technology. This thermostat is full of wonderful sensors to provide you with extra comfort.

Incredible Sensors

First of all, there is a sensor which would sense each and every room in your house or your office building. Then according to the temperature of each and every room, it sets the temperature of that particular spot by itself. In this way, the whole house is equally cool or heated. Plus there is another sensor which would sense the presence of any human in the house or office, and if there is no one in the house then the thermostat will automatically turn in to an eco-mode which uses very less power. There are several other sensors available as well, as the add-on for this smart thermostat. You have to purchase these additional sensors separately as they do not come with the package.

Ecobee Application

Besides all of this now whenever you are in the world, you can control this Best Ecobee Thermostat via mobile phone or the laptops. As Ecobee has launched their own application, so just use that to control all the activities of that thermostat. Furthermore, this thermostat would work best if it is combined with some integrations like Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Apple Home kit etc. Still, if you require any further support, then there is also a manual available for you on the purchase of this product. Here you can find complete and step by step guideline from the installation to the usage of the operations.

Unique Features and Drawbacks

This device is totally opposite to other traditional thermostats, and that is just due to its unique and marvellous features. With so many features this device has made your homes and offices one of the most comfortable places on earth. Now you need not worry about the cooling at night, because when the temperature would start to fall then it will automatically convert to heat mode and bring the temperature back to normal. The only drawback of this devices is the complex system, which is nearly impossible for a simple person to understand. And that is why people always get in trouble when they have to use it. So overall this is a wonderful device but not for everyone. This is one of the best thermostats on the market.

Ecobee3 thermostat with Sensor, Wi-Fi, 2nd generation Review

If you are looking for an ecobee3 thermostat with sensor review then it’s the right place you have visited. It is the Best Thermostat you can have your home. This is really Smart thermostat which understands when to turn on your cooling and heating it based on the weather outside and many other data points and makes sure that you are comfortable.  In this review, I will more tell you about its features, benefits, cons and many other things which you really need to know. This is one of the best thermostats on the market.


First of all, in ecobee3 thermostat with sensor review, we will start with its basi8c details in which I will tell you about its colour, size and shape. This Ecobee3 thermostat is in black colour with a touch screen that makes it look really very beautiful. Its dimension is 3.95×3.95×0.93 inches and it is really a very smart size. 1 lithium ion battery is required in it which is already included in it. And its battery timing is 35000 hours which is a great timing and make it work efficiently for more time. The best offer you will have after buying this ecobee3 thermostat is that you will also get 3 years warranty on both workmanship and materials.  These are all the basic details you have to get in ecobee3 thermostats with sensor review.


Now in ecobee3 thermostat with sensor review, I will tell you more about its features which make it a smart thermostat. The best thing about ecobee3 thermostat is that it read the temperature of one room and gives its comfort in all the rooms and makes your whole family happy with it. It works with a sensor like what temperature one wants in a room will provide you with that, but not only the sensor it also works manually you can also change the temperature according to your desire. At this time of life, one can only save money or can or can have comfort in your life. But with this ecobee3 thermostat, you can enjoy both comforts and save at the same time. It’s the best gadget you can have which will make your life relaxed and comfortable. Don’t forget to have a look on best ecobee thermostats.


In this ecobee3 thermostat, there are many pros that you can enjoy are as follows

  • You can upgrade its software without any charges
  • I case of any humidity it will give you an alert
  • Room sensor which will work according to the need and gives you the right temperature to make you feel comfortable
  • It will save energy up to 23 percent annually

These are the reasons why I call it the best Ecobee thermostat


  • High price
  • It is not a large investment for home owners

Last verdict of Ecobee3 thermostat with Sensor, Wi-Fi, 2nd generation Review

After seeing all the pros and cons I will still prefer its advantages you may have after using it. As I have said before that you may have 23 percent of saving annually. And its feature of the sensor will make your life much easier and comfortable as it will save your cooling. So just order it now and enjoy using it.

Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat Review

According to an Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat Review, this is a limited edition product. And now there are no more of these Best Ecobee Thermostat being manufactured, so the stock of this version of Ecobee is limited in stock now. As the aim of Ecobee is to provide a comfortable and better life to their customers at a low cost. And due to that aim, they came up with the idea of this Best Thermostat for the homes and offices. This is one of the most incredible models of thermostat ever manufactured by Ecobee. This device is not just elegant due to its black colour, but it also smarts as well. Unlike other traditional thermostats, this one uses the touchscreen, which is bright enough to show you everything clearly. And when it comes to the energy consumption, then no doubt it consumes a lot less of the energy. Even a research shows that this thermostat has the ability to save at least 23% of total electricity every year.

Additional Features

This device is compatible and would work better with some of the additions like Apple Home Kit, IFTTT, Amazon Echo and Samsung Smart Things etc. And just in case you do not trust for the quality of this product, then Ecobee provides you with the warranty of 3 years. And that is how your trust can build up to this thermostat. Even there are some limitations of its compatibility with the home appliances like a Heat pump with 2 stage secondary heating, Dual Fuel Support, Conventional, Gas, Electricity, Oil, Ventilator, Humidifier, ERV, Dehumidifier and HRV. Whenever you will purchase this Ecobee3 Lite Smart then there are certain things which come with it like, thermostat itself, screws, manual, installation guide, drywall plugs, Power Extender Kit, and wire labels. This is one of the best thermostats on the market.


With the installation guide in the box, now to install this thermostat in your home has become so easy. Now it would take just 40 to 45 minutes to complete this whole process perfectly. Just keep following the manual, and everything will be done really well. Like Ecobee4 this model also comes with the voice feature. Now just change the temperature while you are watching television and are unable to get up and do it with your voice. And with the introduction of the Apple Home Kit now you can control this whole device with the help of Siri.


This device does not rely on the batteries, as you never know that when would battery go off. So instead it uses the power supply to get its work done. There are certain times when the battery runs out, and you have to get up and change it as well. So this one works on electricity, and that means that once you have installed it then your work is done at this point. Well if there are some good aspects then there are some bad ones as well. This device is not as reliable as the other models of Ecobee. There are several technical issues came forward with this model. So better is to get to know more about it before you Purchase one for your home. Don’t forget to have a look on best ecobee thermostats.