Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat Review

According to an Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat Review, this is a limited edition product. And now there are no more of these Best Ecobee Thermostat being manufactured, so the stock of this version of Ecobee is limited in stock now. As the aim of Ecobee is to provide a comfortable and better life to their customers at a low cost. And due to that aim, they came up with the idea of this Best Thermostat for the homes and offices. This is one of the most incredible models of thermostat ever manufactured by Ecobee. This device is not just elegant due to its black colour, but it also smarts as well. Unlike other traditional thermostats, this one uses the touchscreen, which is bright enough to show you everything clearly. And when it comes to the energy consumption, then no doubt it consumes a lot less of the energy. Even a research shows that this thermostat has the ability to save at least 23% of total electricity every year.

Additional Features

This device is compatible and would work better with some of the additions like Apple Home Kit, IFTTT, Amazon Echo and Samsung Smart Things etc. And just in case you do not trust for the quality of this product, then Ecobee provides you with the warranty of 3 years. And that is how your trust can build up to this thermostat. Even there are some limitations of its compatibility with the home appliances like a Heat pump with 2 stage secondary heating, Dual Fuel Support, Conventional, Gas, Electricity, Oil, Ventilator, Humidifier, ERV, Dehumidifier and HRV. Whenever you will purchase this Ecobee3 Lite Smart then there are certain things which come with it like, thermostat itself, screws, manual, installation guide, drywall plugs, Power Extender Kit, and wire labels. This is one of the best thermostats on the market.


With the installation guide in the box, now to install this thermostat in your home has become so easy. Now it would take just 40 to 45 minutes to complete this whole process perfectly. Just keep following the manual, and everything will be done really well. Like Ecobee4 this model also comes with the voice feature. Now just change the temperature while you are watching television and are unable to get up and do it with your voice. And with the introduction of the Apple Home Kit now you can control this whole device with the help of Siri.


This device does not rely on the batteries, as you never know that when would battery go off. So instead it uses the power supply to get its work done. There are certain times when the battery runs out, and you have to get up and change it as well. So this one works on electricity, and that means that once you have installed it then your work is done at this point. Well if there are some good aspects then there are some bad ones as well. This device is not as reliable as the other models of Ecobee. There are several technical issues came forward with this model. So better is to get to know more about it before you Purchase one for your home. Don’t forget to have a look on best ecobee thermostats.