Emerson UP310 Premium 7 Day Programmable Thermostat Review

If you are looking for an Emerson UP310 Thermostat Review then it’s the best site you are visiting. Where you can find each and everything related to this Emerson thermostat. I hope you will find this review in the best of your knowledge. So the first thing in programmable thermostat review is its features. Because of what it makes this thermostat the best one.


It is one of the best Emerson thermostats because of its 7 days programmable feature. It has a backlit screen and extensive compatibility. You may also control the temperature precisely by using plus and minus buttons which are given on it. It has an auto changer and will also give you filter change reminders. Its weight is 10.4 ounces. The battery required in this thermostat is 2AA. In this Emerson UP310 Thermostat Review, I am going to tell you the best things about this product are that it has 7 days programmable feature which makes it dominant from other thermostats. You can set the temperature on it according to your desire for each day in a week. You can set a different schedule for each day and enjoy it for the whole week. You can also change the temperature from precise temperature control. You can add or minus it according to your desire. You can easily read the temperature from its backlit display screen without having any sort of issue.


In this Emerson UP310 Thermostat Review, I will also tell you about its advantages you may have by using this small gadget. So here is the list of some of these benefits that you can enjoy in it:

  • It has extensive compatibility which makes it work with heating, cooling and heat pump system
  • You can also install wizard for easy setup and operations
  • Auto change from heat to cool
  • Easy to install it will only take your 15 minutes to install this thermostat

These are all the basic pros that make this thermostat different from others. It’s one of the best thermostats you can have for your house. So, I will always recommend you to use this thermostat and make your life easy and comfortable. By these Emerson reviews, I hope you have got a lot of knowledge and make your mind to get one for you.


In this reviews of UP310 Thermostat by having a lot of advantages there are also some things with which thermostat is not compatible with. So some of these cons are as follows:

  • I do not work well with line voltage
  • It is also not compatible with proprietary system

So you have to take care of these things while using Emerson UP310 thermostat.

Final Verdict of Emerson UP310 Premium 7 Day Programmable Thermostat Review

Last but not least, in the end of this Emerson UP310 Thermostat Review, I would like to recommend you for this product. Just make your life comfortable by using Emerson UP310 thermostat. Don’t waste your money in cooling and heating process just buys one Emerson UP310 thermostat for you and get the most comfortable life.