Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor Review

As for Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat review, you will find out much marvellous stuff about this product. This is not just one of the Best Ecobee Thermostats in quality, but its look is also elegant. There are so many marvellous features added to this devices. And first of those incredible features is the voice command. We all must have heard about Siri in the IOS, Cortana in the Windows and Google assistant. Well, this voice command is not same but works in a similar way like other voice systems. The only difference between this and other voice systems is that it does not respond back, and just follows your order. So this thermostat can set the temperature or timer, and even it will read the news for you. This Best Ecobee Thermostat is the finest example of the modern technology. This thermostat is full of wonderful sensors to provide you with extra comfort.

Incredible Sensors

First of all, there is a sensor which would sense each and every room in your house or your office building. Then according to the temperature of each and every room, it sets the temperature of that particular spot by itself. In this way, the whole house is equally cool or heated. Plus there is another sensor which would sense the presence of any human in the house or office, and if there is no one in the house then the thermostat will automatically turn in to an eco-mode which uses very less power. There are several other sensors available as well, as the add-on for this smart thermostat. You have to purchase these additional sensors separately as they do not come with the package.

Ecobee Application

Besides all of this now whenever you are in the world, you can control this Best Ecobee Thermostat via mobile phone or the laptops. As Ecobee has launched their own application, so just use that to control all the activities of that thermostat. Furthermore, this thermostat would work best if it is combined with some integrations like Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Apple Home kit etc. Still, if you require any further support, then there is also a manual available for you on the purchase of this product. Here you can find complete and step by step guideline from the installation to the usage of the operations.

Unique Features and Drawbacks

This device is totally opposite to other traditional thermostats, and that is just due to its unique and marvellous features. With so many features this device has made your homes and offices one of the most comfortable places on earth. Now you need not worry about the cooling at night, because when the temperature would start to fall then it will automatically convert to heat mode and bring the temperature back to normal. The only drawback of this devices is the complex system, which is nearly impossible for a simple person to understand. And that is why people always get in trouble when they have to use it. So overall this is a wonderful device but not for everyone. This is one of the best thermostats on the market.