Emerson 1F78-151 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Review

In this article, I am going to give Emerson 1F78-151 Thermostat Review if you are looking for a thermostat then you are visiting the right site. In this 1F78-151 thermostat review, I will tell you about all the features of this product. Not only the features but also its compatibility and non-compatibility with other things. So that you can install it with ease and make your life comfortable and good. This is the best product you may ever have in your life that will make you house or room much better than before. It will also make you save your money and electricity. If you want to save your cooling and don’t want the wastage of heat then I will always recommend you this product. Emerson 1F78-151 is the best thermostats that will make your life easy.


In this Emerson 1F78-151 Thermostat Review, I will tell you about its features and some of them are as follows:

Its dimension is 6.25*1.75*4.25 inches with digital display and in white colour. Its shape is a curve that makes it look beautiful. Its weight is 2 pounds. The battery is also required in this thermostat which is included in it. Its battery life is 20000 hours which is really a very good timing. This one is the best Emerson thermostats on the market.


In this reviews of 1F78-151 Thermostat, I am going to tell you about its benefits. So, some of these pros are as follow:

  • Digital display that makes it easy to read
  • A really good battery timing
  • 5-2 days programmable. With this, you can schedule it according to your weekdays and weekends.
  • You can control your temperature from plus and minus buttons.

By seeing these benefits in Emerson 1F78-151 Thermostat Review I hope you will get this product really very good for your life this Emerson 1F78-151 thermostat is the best thermostat that will make your life easy. A thermostat is an important thing in one’s life then why don’t you go for Emerson 1F78-151 thermostat? Just try it for once surely you will like its working.


By having a lot of advantages there are also some things with which this Emerson thermostat is not compatible with. So just have a look on these:

  • Tricky to use
  • It is a little expensive
  • It is not compatible with your HVAC system

These are some of the issues you have to face while using this Emerson 1F78-151 thermostat. So you have to be a little careful while using this gadget. But still, I will say that Emerson 1F78-151 is the best thermostat if you are using the manual thermostat I would recommend you to install this one programmable thermostat and enjoy using it. In this Emerson review, I hope you have got everything you want.

In short:

This Emerson 1F78-151 Thermostat Review shows that this thermostat is really very efficient to use and make yours and your family life easy. So just go and order one Emerson 1F78-151 programmable thermostat and enjoy it with your family. As it is the perfect system for you and your family.