Honeywell RTH5100B 1025 Deluxe Manual Thermostat Review

Honeywell RTH5100B 1025 review is the best place where you can get to know all about this device. This Best Honeywell Thermostats is the amazing device which works accurately for your comfort in your house or the office building. This is basically a smart and non-programmable thermostat which has the advanced feature of temperature control. This is one of the best thermostats on the market. In this feature now the temperature will always remain same, unlike other thermostats you won’t have to face a colder or a hotter environment in your room. Rather the temperature remains stable all time. The display of this thermostats is of bright green colour so that you can see it easily even in the darkness.


Well, then there is no touch display in it, but the buttons in this device are really soft and smooth. Plus there is another great feature of this device and that is the memory. Whenever there is a power outage, this device will still keep all the settings stored in its memory. And when the power is back then the device starts with the last settings. Even the looks of this Best Thermostat is so stunning that you would love to have it on the wall of your house, plus its colour also matches with the surrounding and the colour of your walls. This thermostat is best to be used with any kind of central air conditioning and heating system of the office building or the house. Don’t forget to have a look on Best Honeywell Thermostats.

All in one

And that means you do not require any further thermostats for every individual room. Whereas the size of the display is large enough to show you every bit of digit on it easily from a distance. There are two different buttons to change the mode and speed of the fan. First one is for the fan to change its speed or to turn it off. The second one is to change the mode of the thermostat which includes heat, cool, off and auto. So it is up to you now to change it on your own, or to keep it on auto so that device change the mode using its sensors. IN order to enter the programming mode you have to push two buttons on it which are on its side, and how to use it? You can find it out in the manual which would be given to you by Honeywell.


Well still there is one of the Honeywell RTH5100B 1025 reviews that the auto mode stopped working suddenly, and at that time the thermostat was in the heat mode. So, as a result, the temperature of the house rose to 99F. And this is one of the most dangerous defects which came forward in this model. Plus there is also some problem with the usage of this thermostat like after installing it the bills or electricity and gas literally rose high. So many people just replaced it with other ones. If these defects will be removed soon by the Honeywell then no doubt this is one great thermostat for yourself.